EJ's Urban Eatery in Kansas City's West Bottoms. The Original Meat-and-three.

 EJ’s Urban Eatery is a classic “Meat and Three” but with a modern, refined twist. The southern
culinary tradition is well-known in The South but new to many in the Kansas City area.

“All throughout the American South, old-school Meat-and-Three restaurants offer affordable,
customizable meals. Now, we are bringing that same idea to Kansas City but with a local twist."


—EJ's Chef John C. Smith            


November 13, 2017



September 11, 2017

EJ’s Urban Eatery is bringing “Meat and Three” to Kansas City with a modern and refined twist. Executive chef and owner John C. Smith demonstrates how to make squash casserole.

August 29, 2017


August 28, 2017


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